Structural Design


This is a simple excel sheet made as per BNBC 2020.



Price= 10,000 BDT

If you wanted the sheet with drafting in AutoCAD, like “Click & draw” then the price is consolidated to BDT 15000/-

There are several sheets in the structural design section.

It includes-

  1. Beam
  2. Column with Foundation (Square footing, rectangular footing, Combined footing with & without Beam including maximum of 5 column combined footing.
  3. Pile with pile cap (Maximum 8 pile cap design & estimation also)
  4. Slab (With & without Beam, Cantilever)
  5. Earthquake & Wind load analysis
  6. Stair
  7. OHWR, UGWR & Septic Tank Capacity
Here’s some screenshots for your desire-


Watch Video from the link: Structural Design With Excel Sheet


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